1. Well, Hello There

by The Dirty Latte

Hi. Here’s what you need to know about me.

Photography is my passion. Writing used to be, but I’m much better at taking pictures. I would consider my life a success if my photos evoke emotion in people, and maybe even let them look at life a different way.

My family is my heart. My husband, daughter, our dog, cat and turtle constantly make me smile. When they’re being good.

My therapist told me that I owe the pieces of normalcy I have to my grandparents and a box of letters my father wrote me.

Nothing is better for taming my emotions than a nice long drive with my camera and some music.

My oasis, my quiet place, my sanity… I owe it all to hours spent thinking at my beach.

And finally, without every challenge (which will be described in great detail here, no worries) I wouldn’t be the person I am today. And you know what? I think I like that person.