5. Fairchild Oak Tree

by The Dirty Latte

This morning I found myself completely absorbed in all things Fairchild Oak Tree. It is a beautiful old tree on the Ormond Scenic Loop in the Bulow Creek State Park. I discovered it when we first moved but today was the first time I had a chance to really take in how enormous and wonderful the tree really is. It is over 20 feet around, and over 60 feet tall. The most incredible part? Branches have actually grown into the ground & grown back out, with new branches stemming off of them. Covered in Spanish moss, it delivers a whimsical magical feeling when you’re standing under it.

Although the sign states that the Fairchild Oak is over 2000 years old, it is actually around 400 years old.

Beautiful Spanish moss hanging off a branch, with the Fairchild Oak in the background.

A branch that grew down into, and out of the ground.

The plaque, with the wonderful 20+ foot trunk in the background.

And then, tucked off to the side, is a patch of bamboo. It seemed strangely out of place until I did some digging online and found an article about the tree, which says that the name “Fairchild Oak” came from David Fairchild, a botanist who visited the tree, and coincidentally also introduced bamboo to the United States.

More information about Fairchild Oak can be found here: Fairchild Oak’s history, name a mix of myth, fact.