8. Sea Bean Hunting

by The Dirty Latte

Yesterday we set on an adventure to Gamble Rogers State Recreation Area in Flagler Beach for a sea bean beach hike. Yeah, I had no idea what sea beans were either. But after a twenty minute lesson by the recreation area we learned all about sea beans. It turns out they are seeds from plants and vines in various tropical locations. They find their way to the oceans and rivers where they are carried about until they make their new home tucked into seaweed on a beach. You can find them on the beaches in locations like Florida and South America, and some parks of the UK, among other places. There’s different kinds of them, but we had a lot of luck finding Sea Coconuts, which kind of look like golf balls, and which can be polished to look quite beautiful.

Flags at the beach entrance warning us of medium wind & dangerous marine life.

Maddy kicking around the seaweed to look for hidden sea beans.

Our unpolished collection. The big round balls are sea coconuts, the little red and black thing is a sea hamburger, and the flat maroon thing in the right corner is a sea heart (my personal favorite).

Sea hamburger, two sea coconuts and a sea heart after some polishing.

You can find more information about sea beans at www.seabean.com.