11. Cassen Park & Bailey Riverbridge Garens, My New Oasis

by The Dirty Latte

When I lived in Maine I spent countless hours on the beach at my grandparent’s house. It was and still is my favorite place in the world, and when everything got too stressful or too emotional I could sit on the beach and everything would melt away. But now I live in Florida and I can’t exactly go to Maine every evening to unwind. So I have been desperately trying to find my own little spot since we moved, and I think I have finally found it in Cassen Park & Bailey Riverbridge Gardens.
The two parks, which in my opinion should just be one big park, are tucked away on either side of the Granada Bridge on North and South Beach Street. They are both tiny, Bailey Riverbridge covers only 2.6 acres and Cassen is 3.6 acres. So what’s so great about these little parks? To me it’s simple, the pier that loops under the bridge, and connects the two. What a great little spot! When I took the dog for a walk there yesterday, we even spotted some dolphins. I could easily spend a few hours getting lost in the view here.

Cressen Park, at the corner of Granada Boulevard & South Beach Street, Ormond Beach, Florida. It also has a little bait shop, which I think is easily the cutest thing ever. Plus they have ice cream sandwiches.

View from the pier, Daytona in the distance & a lone dolphin.

Looking on to the pier from the Bailey Riverbridge Gardens side.

The Bailey Riverbridge Gardens. A plaque outside the historic Pilgrim’s Rest Primitive Baptist Church located here says it is the site of the first North American Christian wedding.