12. Maine, Maine, Maine.

by The Dirty Latte

First of all, sorry for the slight hiatus! I spent some time in Maine last week visiting friends and family, and of course, I spent a few moments at the beach with my camera. I would’ve liked to have more time, but I had a jam packed schedule. Maine, now, is a weird place for me. It was home for my entire life, but since our “home” moved to Florida, going back gives me an eerie emptiness that I can’t explain. Aside from friends and family, Maine just seems like a closed chapter in my life and going back is like reading back a chapter, there’s nothing new there for me. I’m sure, because our plan is to go back to New England, that sometime in the future it will hold new stories for me, but I can’t see that from where I am now.

Excuse the bad logo, I’m still trying to figure out Lightroom! I took all these photos on Scarborough Beach in Scarborough, Maine, and if you’re curious to learn more about the beach you can find some information here