This Novel Life

"Live the life you dream." -Henry David Thoreau

Month: April, 2015

Forgotten Love


They loved treacherously, with the kind of fire that burns so brightly you believe the light will never fade. Their romantic moments rivaled that of the best storytellers, and they knew, without a shadow of doubt, that this is what people fought battles to gain.

But, as most stories do, theirs had a middle. It was classically romantic, but faced problems. The fire faded in the way a bonfire does, at the end of the night when you watch it tiredly, admiring its fading colors because they hold the beauty of memories you will cherish in years to come. Out of excitement, knowing they had that untouchable magic, they retired their stories to shelves for a rainy day filled with reminiscing.

The light burned so brightly in their memories that only when they noticed the path to the tree they carved hearts into had become so overgrown they could not reach it, did they realize there was nothing left to their fairy tale but a page in a book, reminding them of what they had let slip away so easily.



The Right Road

The trouble with growing up, all too often, is that we are no longer encouraged to follow our hearts. We are taught to embrace reality, look at our mobile banking, and let our head tell us where to go. And one day, down the road, if we are lucky, it pays off and we’re able to do both things because we have achieved something or, we’ve managed to listen to both parts and that in itself deserves an outstanding achievement award. I have to sit back and wonder how many times someone ignores their heart, follows their head and is stuck at a point where the only suitable option is to suck up the regrets, make a grilled cheese sandwich and some tomato soup and pretend like that can fix the hole in one’s heart for an indefinite amount of time. We sit around and read quotes on Pinterest that tell us to follow our hearts because YOLO, and seize the moment because there’s only so many moments we get. We work hard for some tangible proof that we’ve had a successful life, something to look back on and say “look what I did. See, I did it the way I was supposed to.” We have five year goals, then ten year goals but every time we hit a goal we keep pushing forward for more and more. Everything these days is #goals but we’re never allowed to revel in reaching the goal, because we’re too busy planning out our next goal.

What about the days when you sit in traffic and wonder if it is all going to be worth it? What are we chasing so actively that we are willing to sacrifice the unforgettable moments in order to obtain it?

I don’t regret the choices I have made or the roads I have taken, I think I have learned to not regret things (I read the Pinterest quotes, life is too short), but I wonder if in chasing goals, have we forgotten the more important moments in life? As a parent, I want my daughter to have a prosperous life, who wouldn’t want that for their child, but I can’t help but wonder if the path to perfection is lined with wrong turns.