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"Live the life you dream." -Henry David Thoreau

Month: June, 2015

Somewhere Everywhere

You’ll hear them in the wind and crashing waves,

A deafening storm as loud as the one within.

You’ll see them in that empty field,

Among the tall grass and blooming wildflowers.

You’ll feel them one day as you sit and cry,

When the sun hits your face and dries your tears.

Until one day the sunset is beautiful again,

So you silently thank them for the picture

Of blues and golds and pinks.




He saw something in her that nobody else did,

On those back roads and beaches and covered bridges.

She could have stayed forever, escaping reality and just existing, together.

The way he looked at her said more than words ever could,

And she needed that to feel alive again.

But the temperature broke and the rain came,

Leaving her wondering if it had all been a side effect of the heat.


Father’s Day

I read a quote once that said, “my father gave me the greatest gift anyone could give another person: he believed in me.” This is accurate, in so many ways. Dads are the unrecognized heroes of play time, of doing things mom would definitely say no to and believing in us against all odds. They are creators of wild adventures and they teach us the things that end up coming ridiculously in handy at the weirdest moments in our lives. There is one official day a year that tells us to get on social media and give dad a big shout out, but it’s important to remember that Father’s Day is more than just that. They won’t always be there. We won’t always be able to pick up the phone and call him just to hear him tell us something silly or help with something equally silly that we could have figured out on our own. His voice will not always be a constant present in life. Appreciate your dad, for real, for everything he has done in your life and continues to do.

I’m lucky to have had three people in my life to thank today. My dad, who never failed to believe in me and let me know it always, a man who showed me adventure and art and the places in Maine that you forget are so extraordinary. My husband who showed me how ridiculous a dad can be, and my grandfather, who raised me with stability, kindness and love for animals. I love them all in ways I could never successfully put into words…

So please, don’t forget to call your dad and thank him for that memory that always comes back to you at the weirdest time, for coming to your rescue that one time you did that one thing you probably should not have done, and for being your partner in crime that other time you both did what you probably should have not done.

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Every Summer Has A Story

Summer is the most volatile time of the year.

We know it can not last forever,

yet when it leaves it puts a small tear in our hearts that can never quite be healed.

We run through the sand and get caught in the waves,

blurring the lines between reality and fantasy.


we challenge our hearts and ignore our heads.

And then one day,

we wake up to frost covered grass,

and chase memories into September.

Nashville Vibes

Franklin, Tennessee. May 2015.